ForValueNet network has five research themes. Each research theme is headed by a theme leader. Here is the list of themes and researchers responsible for each of them:

                  1. Stand and tree growth modelling                                                                     Theme Leader : Phil Comeau, University of Alberta

              2. Three-dimensional stem quality modelling                                                       Theme Leader : Alexis Achim, Laval University

              3. Sawmilling products recovery modelling                                                          Theme Leader : Isabelle Duchesne, Laval University & FPInnovations

              4. Value-added wood products recovery modelling                                           Theme Leader ; Paul Cooper, University of Toronto

              5. Development of integrated decision-support systems                                                Theme Leader : Sophie D’Amours, Laval University   

The overall objective of all these themes is to develop a series of new integrated models to simulate and optimize the value chain of forest product.





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